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John Michael Hunt

Music and Sound


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about me.

…Master’s in Music Composition from The University of Texas at Austin

…Recipient of the G.A.N.G. (Game Audio Network Guild) Scholars Award

…Arranger and performer for Materia Collective

…Based in Seattle, WA (formerly Austin, TX)

…Wide range of styles and genres

…Extensive background in: acoustic and electronic music, sound design, recording, production, orchestration and arranging, sheet music engraving, instrumental and choral conducting, performance, and live sound

…Experience with Unity, Unreal Engine 4, FMOD, Wwise


Game credits include:

  • Rascal Roll – University of Texas at Austin 3D Game Capstone
  • Port of Call – Score by Mark Rubin, contributed the track “Woman in Waiting” (also used in trailer). Shown at E3 in 2014. Available on Steam.
  • Mouse Playhouse – Developed by Tinkertainment at SMU Guildhall for HTC Vive. Second-place winner “Best Gameplay” at the Intel University Games Showcase at GDC 2017. Available on Steam.

…..Intensive Game Scoring Class with game composer Chance Thomas (Lord of the Rings Online, DOTA 2)


Prior non-game work:

  • Composed music for large-scale dance company productions, musical theater, acoustic and electronic concert music, and a fashion show (which I would do again *immediately*)
  • Former studio saxophonist and vocalist
  • Set up and ran live sound for bands and events

…Former karaoke host because I just needed you to know that

…Dogs are cool